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How CIOs Successfully Transform the IT Organization – by Dinko Eror, Vice President and Country Manager EMC Germany at EMC

23. Mai 2016 – Legacy IT is not able to cope with today’s digitalization – transformation is required. But who should handle the related redesign and rebuild tasks? You, the IT leader, of course. And you should start today, because it is about time that everybody views the IT as a business driver instead of a road block.

No doubt about it: In IT, nothing can remain the same. The progressing digitalization across all business fields requires new resources, services and new ways of deployment. However, today many of the centralized IT organizations with traditional data centers are not able to cater to these needs.

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But who will be the driving force of the transformation to a new and rather decentralized IT? This is an important question in many companies, since a number of CIOs and IT leaders are not taking on this challenge, at least not wholeheartedly. Instead, some tend to feel overwhelmed, and claim to experience a lack of support from the executive board and the departments, as well as an increasing shift of decision-making power from their own to other departments.

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